Cymbolt®User Manual

Your enjoyment of this CYMBOLT® product depends on it!

If this is the first time you've used our product, we recommend that you take a few moments to read these instructions and explore the features of your new CYMBOLT component.

Two simple rules:

  1. DO NOT remove the top cap! The CYMBOLT is a precision-made stainless steel instrument. Removing the top cap exposes sharp-edged precise machined components that can cause injury if mishandled. Any damage to the threads and internal components as a result of removing the top cap will void your warranty.
  2. Please use only CYMBOLT original equipment manufacturer felts. The Cymbolt is outfitted with the highest quality wool felts. Any modifications to felts or use of other manufacturer felts will void your warranty. Warranty information can be found on the back of this sheet and also at www.percussiondynamics.com/warranty.

Ready to have some fun? Here we go:

The CYMBOLT is ready for installation as soon as you remove it from the package.

Step 1: Attach the CYMBOLT to your cymbal.

Your CYMBOLT has a patent pending lower adjustment nut with a friction element designed to retain your favorite cymbal action setting. Remove the lower adjustment nut, install your cymbal, reinstall the lower adjustment nut and adjust to desired free play (action).

When rotating the lower adjustment nut it will feel stiff. This is normal. When the lower nut is secure, the lower adjustment nut will not vibrate loose or become tighter with play. The action you select for your cymbal will stay the same, show after show. Once you have installed CYMBOLTs on all your cymbals it's time to free yourself from ever losing your old top hats, felts, washers and wing nuts. Say goodbye to your old, obsolete hardware because the mounting hardware is now integrated with your cymbal, set to your desired action. You'll never need to remove it.

Step 2: Slide the cymbal assembly onto a stand.

With the CYMBOLT installed on your cymbal, simply rotate the top cap counterclockwise until the CYMBOLT/cymbal assembly slips onto the stand. When you have the desired height, tighten the top cap by turning it clockwise until the CYMBOLT is firmly attached to your cymbal stand. Now you're ready to rock!

Breaking it down.

When you're finished playing and need to break down your gear, simply rotate the top cap counterclockwise to loosen the CYMBOLT enough to slip the entire cymbal assembly off the stand. Store your cymbal with the CYMBOLT attached to keep the same action for your next gig.

Extra care pro instructions

Simply using the CYMBOLT system will add years to your cymbal investment.

CYMBOLT helps you avoid handling the cymbal surface directly, greatly reducing the possibility of soiling or tarnishing your cymbals with perspiration and skin oils. Just pick up your cymbal assembly by the CYMBOLT itself to help keep your cymbals looking like new.

You may consider purchasing our patent pending CYMBOLT Cymbal Case which makes it easy to keep your cymbals sorted and safe for transport.

Get creative with STACKED CYMBALS.

Go vertical! You can stack cymbals together on a single CYMBOLT to create unique percussive sounds and resonances. When you create a combination of cymbals using CYMBOLT, you'll be able to quickly set up your cymbal build without having to readjust the action.

Add a number of cymbals to your stand by using our CYMBOLT EXTENSION RODS. Simply screw a 12" or 6" CYMBOLT extension shaft to your existing cymbal stand and slide on as many CYMBOLT assemblies as you like. The CYMBOLT system is great for chinas and inverted cymbal play.

attach extension rod
stack cymbal assemblies

CYMBOLT is the number one creative tool for professional percussionists.

You can use the CYMBOLT as a quick release, a stacker, a closed hi hat (with the CYMBOLT cymbal stacker extension) or cymbal accessory mount on your hi hat stand.

Go pro and reduce your setup footprint, make setup times quicker, transport less hardware and expand your creative sound. Welcome to our CYMBOLT family and a new world of percussive play.


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